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alexandra_thorn ([personal profile] alexandra_thorn) wrote2013-05-24 07:17 pm

So, I took a firearm safety course.

A month or two ago my housemate came home and announced that he was going to be taking a Massachusetts firearm safety class. I'm not specifically interested in guns, but firing a gun has been one of those things that I'd like to do at some point in my life for a while now, and someday I'd like to learn to hunt, so I expressed interest in coming along.

It turns out that Boston Firearms ( permits guests to participate in their safety classes for free, which is what I ended up doing. If, hypothetically, I were to decide that I wanted the certificate of completion (one of the prerequisites for a Massachusetts License to Carry), I can pay them $100 later. (I did have to pay $30 to participate in their live fire session. More on that later.)

So, two weeks ago Thursday, I met with my housemate after work, and he gave me a ride to the martial arts studio in Revere where the safety class is taught. This is the first of several posts on the topic. In future posts I will talk about why I decided to take the course (now posted:, what I learned (, and other impressions.