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Today I drove myself from Allston to Harvard Forest and back. Alone. Saturday I went on a practice run with my husband as chaperone. This time I went alone.

I don't drive.

Learned enough to get my license at 16. With the exception of ~10 years ago when I trained up to get myself to a family gathering, I basically haven't driven since.

I travelled via Massachusetts Avenue and Route 2. The only time somebody honked at me was when I took too long at the stop sign out of our neighborhood because I realized I really did need to take some time to figure out how to more properly de-fog the windows. Mass Ave was crowded stop-and-go as expected, but everybody was civil to me.

Then it occurred to me: "Here I am, a non-driver, an invader in this territory, but NOBODY KNOWS!" I was suddenly put to mind of a Live Action Role Playing game I played years ago in which I was cast as The Master from _Dr. Who_... who in that game had chameleoned his TARDIS as a young woman and was using it to walk around all innocent like and interact with other characters who had no idea. Definitely reminiscent.

I may have experienced some internal demonic laughter when I made this realization.

Route 2 was okay too. Aside from a bit of inevitable tailgating nobody gave me problems for driving slowly.

* * *

On a related (but different) note, later on, when I was returning through Harvard Square, I made a point of being nice to pedestrians. I thought "Heheheh... I'm driving a car. And I'm being nice to pedestrians. And nobody can do anything about it!"

Next, the world.


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