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In the current version of the article on comedy duos and double acts (, wikipedia states:
'The template for the modern double act began in the British music halls and the American vaudeville scene of the late nineteenth century. Here, the "straight man" was a necessity as he would repeat the lines of the "comic". This was done simply because the audience would be noisy, and repeating the joke gave the audience a fighting chance of hearing the joke and the comedians a fighting chance of getting a good reaction. Soon the dynamic developed so that the "straight man" became a more integral part of the act, setting up jokes that the comic could then deliver the "punchline" to.'

I have my doubts. Sure, it's conceivable that the duo did undergo some sort of important transformation during this period, contributing to its modern form, but I really can't see the comedy duo as having originated as late as the 19th century.

What's the earliest literary or theatrical version of the comedy duo that you can come up with? How far back can we take this?
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A few years ago a friend of mine who practices Neo-Druidry ( mentioned to me that, when he dreams, he often dreams imagery from the Wild Hunt ( This surprised me, because when I dream, its usually about variations on my current or past social experiences, reliving old embarassments or fears, etc. The idea of dreaming something so epic and aesthetic was pretty foreign to me.

More recently, though, I'm finding more mythic imagery creeping into my dreams. Wolves, dogs, people who talk to wolves (or dogs), and werewolves are prominent for me.

I wonder how common this flavor of dreaming is.

What kinds of dreams do you have? Are they social, surreal, abstract, something else? Do you ever dream mythic or religious imagery? If so, what sorts of imagery show up for you?


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