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Old news, but I keep thinking about it, so I thought I'd mention it: George Lakoff provided some remarks ( on Barack Obama's Q&A with the Republicans (, which I linked to a while ago ( If you get a chance to listen, I'd be curious as to what your thoughts are on Lakoff's interpretation of Obama's rhetoric (and its failures).

Edit: Lakoff is introduced right about at the 7 minute mark of the Letters to Washington mp3.
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_The Army of the Republic_ (novel) by Stuart Archer Cohen:

I'm listening to an interview with the author. It sounds like he's put some serious thought into democracy and activism, and the hazards of both corporate tyranny and of militant activism. I suspect that it is worth a read.

Interview (entitled "Taking on the State"):
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Just a quick reminder to MA voters that tomorrow, Tuesday January 19, is the special election for US Senate.

If you are registered, please don't forget to vote!
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If you're interested in learning about the House and Senate healthcare bills that are currently being merged, I recommend this interview with economist Uwe Reinhardt:

He goes over many of the key points in each of the two bills, including the main differences between them. He's clearly left-leaning, but I think he does a good job of presenting factual differences before going on to explain his personal opinions. Also includes some nice history of healthcare legislation, but in the United States and internationally.

Also, for reference, here's Reinhardt's bio:


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