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Over the past three days I've spent many hours grinding samples (over 45 samples so far...), which means lots of time to catch up on podcasts. I've recently added Radiolab to my regular podcast cycle (many thanks to several of my Ecology Reading Group colleagues who made me aware of the show). Radiolab is delicious snuggly brain candy, and probably would come in a purple sparkly wrapper if you could buy it off the shelf. I guess I'd characterize it as philosophical pop science that is also humorous. Good stuff.

Anyway, one of the older podcasts I listened to today played some samples from a recently released album of remixes of Terry Riley's "In C" (, through which I became aware of the existence of the cellist Zoe Keating ( Her version of the piece was all kinds of sparkly in its own right. Just listening made me happy.

I'm really going to have to make a point of checking out more of her stuff...

Edit: Interestingly, Zoe Keating evidently did the soundtrack for a documentary about ivory-billed woodpeckers...


Dec. 26th, 2009 08:31 pm
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Short post here, but I wanted to put down a few notes on movies I've been seeing during this "family time."

Last night I watched _The Holiday_ ( on video with my parents, grandmother, and sister. I found it rather good for the genre (romantic comedy). The characters seemed more believable to me than the usual fare. Strong female characters, too, which was pretty refreshing.

Today I went out with my sister and cousin to see _Up in the Air_ ( Good movie. Somewhat predictable (though not quite as predictable as I would have thought halfway through), but very well done. Definite parallels with _The Devil Wears Prada_ (as I think was somewhat apparent from the previews). Different tone and general emotional feel, though.

I wouldn't mind seeing either of them again, but _The Holiday_ feels more like something I'd want to own.


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